2019 Camp Assistant Application

Cornerstone Kids’ Ranch is seeking teenagers to volunteer in our four weeks of summer day camps. Teenagers serving as camp assistants (CA) at Cornerstone Kids' Ranch will be required to have completed the 8th grade by June 1. Camp assistants are required to reside at the camp beginning on Sunday prior to the week volunteering. You must submit this application no later than May 6th and plan to attend a day of training at Cornerstone Kids' Ranch on Saturday, May 18th, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM. Transportation will be provided for Camp Assistants who live in the Norman area. Teens who can serve multiple weeks will be preferred.

For direct mail, please download the Camp Assistant Application HERE.

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Parent or Legal Guardian (if applicant is under 18)
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Emergency Contact Name
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Reference 1 Name
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The information I have given in this application is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby grant Cornerstone Kids’ Ranch permission to do a background check on me. I hereby request any reporting agency Cornerstone Kids' Ranch should choose to release any information, which pertains to any record of convictions contained in its file maintained on me whether local, county, state, or national. I hereby release said departments from any and all liability resulting from such disclosure.
Camp Assistant Basic Guidelines *
1. Have a servant’s heart—like Christ. 2. Pick up after yourself. Our goal is to leave the site better than what we find it. 3. Leave shoes on the outside of the house along the wall not in the walkway. 4. Sheets must be placed on mattresses. We will provide the sheets. 5. No food/drink in the carpeted areas 6. If something breaks or an accident of any kind happens, let someone know so it can be taken care of. 7. You are not here to hunt for a boy/girl friend. No PDA will be tolerated-even if you are already considered an item! 8. Boys/girls stay out of each other’s area. 9. No weapons, including pocketknives 10. No drinking, drugs, or tobacco of any kind (this includes dip/chew) 11. All meetings are mandatory; morning meetings, chapel, daily wrap-up, nightly devotions, etc. 12. Everyone will have kitchen duty on a rotation basis. 13. Don't waste; this includes water bottles so please label them. 14. Turn lights out when leaving the room. 15. All scheduled times, including lights out, NO MORE TALKING, are to be followed. 16. CA’s will be allowed 1 snack and 1 soda per day from the Snack Shack. These will be available at only certain times determined by adult leaders. 17. Keep phones in pocket when working with children. LIMIT your texting!!! 18. Observe the dress code: Closed toe shoes, no midriff, no short shorts, no sagging pants or shorts, no low cut shirts, and no spaghetti straps. 19. Be an active participant throughout the day; while working with children, chapel, chores, etc. 20. Additional rules about appropriate ways to work with children will be discussed and followed. 21. Cornerstone Kids’ Ranch is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 22. You must have a driver’s license in order to drive the Gator or have an approved adult with you.